FORTUNE Supply Chain Management

VMI(Vendor Managed Inventory is a cooperative strategy, with the purpose of obtaining lowest cost for both user and vendor, vendor manage stock under a common agreement, and incessantly supervise agreement implementation status and amend agreement content, make stock administration obtain sostenuto and improved cooperative strategy.

This stock administration strategy breaks traditional independent stock administration mode,embody integration administration ideology of supply chain, adapt to the requirement of market diversification, is a new,representative stock administration ideology. VMI plays a very important role in distribution chain at present, so more and more people attache importance to it.

We can provide the services as following:

Domestic section( according to cargo clause):

(1) Goods receipt( can provide freight collect service for client deliver goods)-EXW
(2) If client deliver goods -FOB/CIF, our company can finish disparting and repacking of in-house, barcode scanning, system typing, goods on-shelve
(3) Arrange booking and shipping vehicles according to transportation requirement of domestic clients
(4) System creates Ex-warehouse document,goods unshelve,goods disparting and repacking, Ex-warehouse scanning, system Ex-warehouse confirmation;
(5) Vehicles ship the goods to aviation company within appointed time.
(6) And send transportation forecast to domestic to arrange cargo inquiry and receipt

International section (according to cargo clause):

(1) Inquiry and receipt of cargo according to instruction of abroad tributary station.
(2) Prepare goods clearance documents according to inquiry result of goods.
(3) Arrange transportation mode and timing of ultimately domestic delivery city according to arriving in time, customer instruction ,size of cargo and weight arrangement.
(4) Arrange taking delivery of goods in airport, transferring
(5) Arrange clearance and releasing within 24 hours after goods arriving in port( In the meantime of declaration, feedback declaration time)
(6) If customer requires goods to stay in transshipment station, our company can also provide storage logistics business, then deliver goods to appointed location within appointed time.