FORTUNE Supply Chain Management
· Domestic Air Transport

The third party logistics enterprise acts as the role of bridge and link in the whole supply chain, the third party logistics function we provided is interface function, it connects raw material supplier and manufacturer,accessory and integration manufacturer,manufacturer and retailer,retailer and user. Our logistics management system just satisfies these requirements of customer. Reasonable integration to logistics scheme and meticulous management to each steps is just the important principles of our third party logistics.

We not only built a very good partnership with each aviation company in inland, but also we have our own GPS truck tem which passed a majority of Multi-national company’s security quality authentication and realized door-to-door dispatch in middle or long distance.

Meanwhile, we established many VMI logistics management platform in North China,South China,East China, which can directly provide service to customer, such as, warehousing management,order management.

Nation-wide dispatch and delivery: Point-to-point,door-to-door service of more than 100 cities. Covers: Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Shanghai,Hangzhou,Nanjing,
Changsha,Taiyuan,Wuhan,Xian,Yinchuan,Zhenzhou, etc.