FORTUNE Supply Chain Management

RDC(Regional Distribution Center)RDC’s main function is to those should be more frequency,less logistics, concentrate in dealing with a small batch work that spend both manpowder and cost. It can be said that dispatching packing case in PDC is not the packing case of specified commodity but the packing case of specified store. After RDC finishing logistics work, it delivers packing case of each store to FDC,(Front Distribution Center).FDC’s main function is to take cargo from manufacturer directly, and do corresponding logistics work then concentrativly dispatched in mass by FDC, in this way, authentically realize scale economy effect of logistics administration. RDC is backside support base for FDC, through this kind of logistics, compared to concentricity logistics of unitive work, a small batch work can also actualize efficiency.

We have relative mature RDC in bonded processing area in East China and South China, this requisite facility is one of our standard logistics case. Territorial processing and sorting center not only make our logistics facility and manpower resources obtain abundant integration, but also greatly reduce production cost and labor cost for production & processing corporations, it can not only actualize production result in short period but also make product’s quality meet customs' requirements .

RDC established by us accelerates furthur integration of supply chain in varying degrees, make a majority of manufacturer obtain the most optimized solution and excellent service. At present, we are still exploring logistics scheme of newer,more economic resources and cost , we believe uninterrupted exploration comes from our diligence and effort.

Successful logistics solution is under incessant popularization.