FORTUNE Supply Chain Management

First ,accurately define enterprise benefit relationships between user and supplier according to supply chain features of user and analysis of enterprise original purchase mode. And based on this, providing more optimized purchase management mode, in order to reach the goal of reducing cost, improving quality and efficiency; then, profoundly excavate supplier’s technology innovation, make product’s ultimate form changed, thereby reach the goal of adding product value to user and obtaining more profit.

Purchase Implementation service includes:

Ⅰ Purchase process decision
1. Purchase Planning
2. Inquiry Planning
3. Inquiry
4. Supplier Selection
5. Contract Administration
6. Contract Complete

Ⅱ Supplier relationship
1. Classify supplier category: trade,service,partnership
2. Institute corresponding supplier management system
3. Establish supplier assessment system.

Ⅲ Purchase management system
1. Establish perfect procurement system
2. KPI of purchaser(Quantitative index, termly assessing business performance)
3. Apply enterprise culture to improve purchaser’s diathesis