2017/6/22 12:27:24

Recently, auditors from SGS group, performed annual ISO 9001 review for FHI. Through the strict process, and by the cooperation of all the departments and internal audit team, the annual review was done successfully.

ISO9001, is a serious of standards of quality control and quality assurance, issued by International Standard Organization, recognized and used worldwide. It is a professional standard for a company in the field of enterprise quality indicators and process.

Since the first time we passed the ISO9001 certification audit, FHI has been following the international standard , guiding by modern management philosophy, supporting by large and accurate operating system(financial system, business system, warehouse management system, information supporting system, customer relationship management system, order management system, cargo tracking and checking system), basing customer-centric principle, to make a international supply chain service platform and provide professional service to more customers and meet their demands.