2012/9/4 14:14:32

       In recent days, Typhoon HAIKUI landed in the area of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in China. Our PBW in Suzhou also encountered with an unprecedentedly heavy rainstorm. Under the circumstance of sudden electricity failure and road closure due to the rainstorm, management team of Suzhou PBW and FHI Suzhou Branch had started the emergency preplan for extremely bad weather. They urgently move the cargoes in lower storage locations to upper ones and built up a dam with sandbags to prevent flood, as well as centralized all electronical equipments to dry rooms. At the very first time, they made a report to the Headquarter in time. It is ensured that all cargoes were standing intact and equipments were operating normally, while all staff were staying safely, getting through this typhoon attack.

        Currenty, business in Suzhou PBW are in smooth operation, and cargo inbound and outbound are proceeding as usual.