Responsibility Declaration

This declaration is for clauses of revelant web using, all users that browse this website or revelant website agree to accept below clause.

? Copy right of articles in this website(including reprinting articles) belongs to original author, For those author has copyright declaration or the article is reprinted from other website that attaches original website’s copyright declaration, its copyright subjects to attached declaration.

? This website will take no reponsibitily for any legal dispute and consequence resulted by personl data revealing which caused by other websites linking with this website.

? Any people are treated as willing to accept this website’s restriction no matter in what way he lands on this website or directlt,indirectly use data of this website.

? This website will public an nouncement ahead if temporarily out of service occures for the reason of system maintenance or promotion. This website will take no reponsibitily for any any loss during this period that is for circuitry and hardware trouble out of company’s control or other force majeure that result in temporarily out of service.

? This website will take no reponsibitily for personl data revealing,losing,embezzled or altered issue resulted by force majeure of provisional closing web operating which caused by any computer 2000 issues,hacker attacking,computer virus invading or outbreaking,government controlling, etc.

? Any user of this website will take responsibility by themselves if disobey regulation in this declaration and violate the Laws of the People's Republic of China, This website will take no responsibility

? Industry policy,law,statute announced in “Industry Trends” by this website subjects to the newest issuance by revelant competent authorities, This website will take no responsibility for reprinting.

? For issues not involved in this declaration,refer to country’s revelant Laws and Regulations, when there is conflict between this declaration and country Laws and Regulations, subject to country Laws and Regulations.

? Declaration and its revision right,renewal right and final interpretation right all belong to this website.